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Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership has the responsibility for developing an area -wide substance strategy. The strategy ensures that the appropriate range of treatment options is provided for, and available, at point of need. In addition, the strategy ensures the provision of the appropriate range of treatment options, required to promote the recovery of those affected by substance use problems, and their availability at point of need.

We are guided in this work by two local ADPs, which operate in each authority area i.e. Stirling & Clackmannanshire and Falkirk. Inherent in our work are the views expressed by our service users, their families and carers.

FV ADP Strategy

FVADP Strategy – Road to Recovery Phase 2

The updated strategy sets out the ADP's vision for reducing the harm caused by substance use within the communities of Forth Valley. Much has already been achieved through the work of Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (FVADPs), but the time is right for a revision of our strategy, giving direction for the way forward.


NHS FV Health Improvement Strategy 2017-2021

A Thriving Forth Valley

Shaping the future the NHS Forth Valley Healthcare Strategy, sets out a vision for the shape of healthcare services in Forth Valley over the next five years.


Getting our Priorities Right

Alcohol and drug use can result in significant and complex risks for children and young people and in some cases, lives that a greatly damaged as a result. Addressing these issues presents practitioners with some of the most difficult tasks that our health and care services can face. These guidances are grounded in the core principles that govern our common approach to improving services for children, adults and families.


Advice and Support

Advice and Support

The Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership produce a comprehensive printed directory of services.

There is also a national directory of drug and alcohol support services Click here

The Scottish Drugs Forum produce a comprehensive guide to drugs Click here


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FV ADP Performance

Scottish Public Health observatory for data profiles on Alcohol and Drug Partnership performance Click here

Delivery Plans and Annual Reports




In recent years, there has been a move away from treatment or harm reduction as a focus for working with those who have drug and/or alcohol problems toward a broader conception of "recovery".

Scotland is at the forefront of this transformation. Recovery is a "process through which an individual is enabled to move-on from their problem drug use towards a drug-free life and become an active and contributing member of society" (Scottish Government, 2008, p vi).


Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment 2018

A Needs Assessment was conducted across Forth Valley and reports on the future requirements for services for people with drug and alcohol problems in the area. The purpose was to assist Forth Valley ADP in meeting the recommendations of the Delivery Reform Group report (2009) by providing as assessment of current service provision, as well as a health needs assessment of local needs and gaps.

Social Influence – Get Real Programme

Social Influence – Get Real Programme

Get Real is a Toolkit for delivering a social influence
intervention with young people. The issues that can be
addressed are wide and varied and not limited to the
off-the-shelf surveys that are available to help practitioners
get started. This Toolkit should be seen as a set of
principles that can be applied and streamlined to respond
to the unique needs of the young people that you work with.

Festive Guidance 2019-2020

Festive Guidance 2019-2020

Keep Methadone safe over the festive period. Pharmacy opening times over the festive period can be found in these document.

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