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In recent years, there has been a move away from treatment or harm reduction as a focus for working with those who have drug and/or alcohol problems toward a broader conception of “recovery”. Scotland is at the forefront of this transformation. Recovery is a “process through which an individual is enabled to move-on from their problem drug use towards a drug-free life and become an active and contributing member of society” (Scottish Government, 2008, p vi). The nature of recovery – including its start and end points – will vary from person to person and should be based on an individual’s needs and goals. A recovery focused professional provides “timely, sensitive, person-centred, evidence-based support that is appropriate and empathetic which empowers individuals to set their own recovery objectives, manage their own care, and sustain recovery.” (Scottish Government/CoSLA, 2010, p3).

Recovery Orientated Systems of Care (ROSC)

SMART Recovery

 Recovery Cafe’s

A number of Recovery Cafe’s have been launched across Forth Valley in 2016 offering support, training and mutual aid meetings.

Forth Valley Recovery Community

Proclamation of Support for International Recovery Month by the First Minister of Scotland

Recovery Walk 2018

International Recovery Month 2018- community Proclamation

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