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Falkirk ADP

Aim of the Partnership

The Falkirk Alcohol and Drug Partnership (FADP) is a strategic body comprised of senior members from a wide range of partners.  These include representatives from:

Housing – Education – Police – Social Work (Children and Adult Services) – NHS – Criminal Justice Social Work – Statutory and 3rd Sector Substance Misuse Services, including Young People’s service – Scottish Prison Services – Employment and Training Unit.

Each brings their own perspective and input in relation to how the Partnership’s aims and outcomes are to be achieved.

Through its work, the FADP will aim to:

  • decrease alcohol and drug related problems and use in the Falkirk area.
  • improve the lives of those harmed by substance misuse (including children and young people).
  • challenge stigma and promote opportunities for health improvement, harm reduction, treatment and recovery.

Meetings of the FADP

The FADP meets 4 times per year with additional development sessions focussing on specific issues outwith this.

For further information please contact Ruth McDonald, Policy Officer, Falkirk Council, Falkirk Alcohol & Drug Partnership Support Team.  T: 01324 506 186; M: 07921 942214

Annual Report 2017-2018

Annual Report 2016-2017


Annual Report 2013

FADP Delivery Plans


FADP Priorities

FADP Delivery Plan takes account of both local and national priorities (determined by Scottish Government)

Locally, the Strategic Outcome and Local Delivery Plan (SOLD 2016-2020) has a priority “Minimising the Impact of Substance Misuse”  Within the SOLD, the following actions have been identified as being priorities in relation to minimising the impact of substance misuse.

  • address the stigma of seeking support
  • promote and provide opportunities for recovery
  • seek to prevent FASD and to understand and meet the needs of young people affected by Foetal Alcohol Harm
  • support people with Alcohol Related Brain Injury
  • Challenge harmful perceptions of norms within our communities
  • reduce the number of drug related deaths and near fatal overdoses.

Falkirk Strategic Outcomes and Local Delivery Plan

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