Alcohol information page

Help with an Alcohol problem:

A single point of referral is in operation across Forth Valley. If you need help, advice or wish to make a referral in relation to an alcohol or drug problem please contact CGL Forth Valley Recovery Service 08081962188.

Signpost Recovery

Signpost Recovery provides a direct access and entry point for those with substance misuse problems and those affected by another’s drug use. They begin support and refer to specialised services offering more intensive interventions and treatment where necessary.

Within Signpost Recovery there is a Drop-in Harm Reduction Service and relapse prevention for those with substance misuse issues. Where applicable Signpost offers recovery oriented key working for the GPPS service. Signpost also offers assessment and referral to those identified with substance misuse issues within Stirling and Falkirk Police Stations.

Contact CGL Forth Valley Recovery Service 08081962188
CGL Forth Valley

Family Support Service

Forth Valley Family Support Service provides information and support to individuals, family members and friends affected by someone else’s alcohol or drug use. They aim to increase knowledge of addiction issues and help family members and friends cope better and influence positive change for themselves and loved ones.
Contact Forth Valley Family Support on:07484 024407

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) –  What is FASD?  Permanent damage to the unborn baby caused by alcohol.

FASD Poster
FASD Leaflet
FASD Toolkit

Minimum Pricing

On Tuesday 1 May Scotland became the first country in the work to implement a minimum unit price for alcohol (MUP), following a ten year campaign.  As of this date no alcohol in Scotland will be sold for less than 50p per unit.
MUP Briefing April 2018
Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing: Mythbuster

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