This page provides links to related to Local Authority websites and Forth Valley Services plus national links related to drug and alcohol misuse.

Alcohol websites

Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD)
This site helps you understand Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD), its potential effect on people and how to support them as effectively as possible, and most of all how it can be prevented.

NHS24 – Alcohol
Resources from Health Library on alcohol misuse

Health Scotland
Publications relating to Alcohol Brief Intervention

Alcohol Information Scotland
Alcohol Information Scotland site provides information, statistics and research relating specifically to alcohol misuse. Our target users are policy makers, professionals, researchers, employers and the wider community.

Alcohol Focus Scotland
Alcohol Focus Scotland is Scotland’s national alcohol charity. Their main aims are to promote a responsible attitude to drinking in Scotland and to reduce the effects of alcohol misuse on all those affected by their own or another’s drinking.

Alcohol Change UK 
Alcohol Change UK is the new charity formed by the merger of Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK. It is the national agency on alcohol misuse. They work to reduce the incidence and costs of alcohol-related harm and to increase the range and quality of services available to people with alcohol-related problems.

Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP)
SHAAP provides the authoritative medical and clinical voice on the need to reduce the impact of alcohol related harm on the health and wellbeing of people in Scotland and the evidence-based approaches to achieve this.

For over 50 years Al-Anon Family Groups have been helping families and friends of alcoholics worldwide.

Smart Recovery UK
SMART (self management and recovery training) is a self-help approach based upon cognitive-behavioural principels that can be helpful to people who are trying to overcome substance misuse (and/or other ‘addictive’)problems.

International Council on Alcohol and Addictions
ICAA is dedicated to prevent and reduce the harmful use and effects of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and addictive behaviours on individuals, families, communities and society.

Down Your Drink
A six week online programme to help users reduce drinking and develop safer drinking habits. Free and confidential.

This site has been developed by the Portman Group. It gives factual information about varied aspects of alcohol use, including calculating your units and the health effects of drinking.

Website devised by medical students at Southampton University. Gives alcohol advice and information. Also has the “Drinkulator” which helps visitors calculate the level of risk involved in their alcohol consumption.

Hows your drink
This site, from Alcohol Concern, is designed to help you work out whether you’re drinking too much, and if so, what you can do about it.

Institute of Alcohol Studies
Website of the Institute of Alcohol Studies, an education charity which aims to increase the understanding of alcohol and of public policies necessary to reduce the problems associated with its use.

The Portman Group
The Portman Group are a principal provider of sensible drinking advice in the UK and support the government, media, industry and consumers with research, educational materials and campaigns.

ScotPHO – online profile tool

Drink Driving
Get information and advice on driving on Scotland’s roads from Safer Scotland & Road Safety Scotland.

Drug websites

My Crew
Crew is a drugs charity based in Edinburgh and we specialise in non-judgemental and relevant information, advice and support around drugs. We don’t condemn or condone drug use.

Take-Home Naloxone
This is a website run by independent academics and healthcare professionals aimed at raising the awareness and profile of the use of take-home naloxone as a mechanism for reducing drug-related death, and to provide a forum for discussing innovation.

Scottish Families Affected by Drugs
Support for families across Scotland who are affected by drug misuse and raising awareness of the issues affecting them.

Know the Score
As Scotland’s definitive drugs information gateway, this portal web site provides you with the facts on drugs in Scotland, whether you’re a young person, a parent/relative, friend, carer or a community group.

Scottish Drugs Forum
Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) is the national non-government drugs policy and information agency working in partnership with others to co-ordinate effective responses to drug use in Scotland.

DrugScope is the UK’s leading independent centre of expertise on drugs.

Information and advice for families of alcohol and drug users. The website has a list of local family support services. Call 020 7928 889

International Harm Reduction Assocation
Website for the International Harm Reduction Assocation, which works with local, national and international organisations to assist individuals and communities in public health advocacy, communication, best practice, education, training and research.

SMART Recovery
SMART (self management and recovery training) is a self-help approach based upon cognitive-behavioural principles that can be helpful to people who are trying to overcome substance misuse (and/or other ‘addictive’) problems.

ScotPHO – online profile tool

Tobacco Websites

ASH Scotland is the leading charity campaigning for effective tobacco control legislation in Scotland.

You Can Stop Smoking
This website can help you and show you How to stop. The website also offers guidance for health professionals and anyone else who wants to understand why people smoke and how to support them in quitting smoking.

ScotPHO – online profile tool

Criminal Justice & Offending

Alcohol & Offenders CJ Research Programme (Health Scotland)
The Alcohol and Offenders Criminal Justice Research Programme is a portfolio of three studies led by NHS Health Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government (2009-2011).


Scottish Trans Information on Transgender people’s inclusion in Alcohol and Drink Services

Child Protection

With Scotland
A national resource for the benefit of everyone in Scotland involved in protecting children. The Multi-Agency Resource Service (MARS) and the Scottish Child Care and Protection Network (SCCPN) have joined forces and are developing stronger connection.

It’s Everyone’s Job to Make Sure I’m Alright: CP Audit & Review
Child Protection Audit and Review: It’s Everyone Job to Make Sure I’m Alright (2002) Scottish Executive

Protecting Children – A Shared Responsibility – Guidance for Health Professionals 2000
Protecting Children – A Shared Responsibility – Guidance for Health Professionals 2000

Children (Scotland) Act 1995
Link to on-line version of Children (Scotland) Act 1995

Department of Health (2000) Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families
Department of Health (2000) Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families and associated documents.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

FASD Scotland: Information on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Alcohol Information Scotland
The Alcohol Information Scotland website provides a wide range of information on alcohol for Scotland. This includes statistics, research, publications, key policy documents and practice guidelines as well as links to useful websites.

FASD Trust
The FASD Trust was started in January 2007 in response to the growing number of requests for information on Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) being received by the adoptive parents of a child with FASD.

National Organisation on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – UK
National Organisation on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – UK Protecting children, supporting families, and educating the public about the FASD, the leading known cause of physical and mental disabilities.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Aware UK
Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Aware UK: This website has been designed to raise awareness, give informed choice, provide information and support for people affected by / interested in FAS.

Mental Health Websites

Young Minds in Scotland
Young Scotland in Mind, launched in April 2006, is led by Barnardo’s and funded by The National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Contact details for Falkirk and Central Scotland.

Choose Life
Access help if you are at risk of suicide or want to support someone who is. From
Choose Life, the suicide and self harm prevention programme in Scotland.

Mental Health Foundation
Founded in 1949, the Mental Health Foundation is a leading UK charity that provides information, carries out research, campaigns and works to improve services for anyone affected by mental health problems, whatever their age and wherever they live.

SAMH, Scotland’s leading mental health charity, works to support people who experience mental health problems, homelessness, addictions and other forms of social exclusion.

Moodjuice Forth Valley
This site is designed to help you think about emotional problems and work towards solving them.

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