Quality Principles
Standard Expectations of Care and Support in Drug and Alcohol Services have been developed to ensure anyone looking to address their problem drug and/or alcohol use receives high-quality treatment and support that assists long-term, sustained recovery and keeps them safe from harm.

Delivery Plans
These strategic documents set out the vision for reducing the harm caused by substance misuse within each Forth Valley local authority area.

Clackmannanshire ADP Delivery Plan 2015 – 2018
Falkirk ADP Delivery Plan 2015-2018
Stirling ADP Delivery Plan 2015-2018

Annual Reports
Annual Reports provide an update on the activity of each ADP over a financial year.

Clackmannanshire ADP Annual Report 2014-15
Falkirk ADP Annual Report 2014-15
Stirling ADP Annual Report 2014-15

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