Workforce Development

span style=”color: #000000;”>NHS Health Scotland and Scottish Drugs Forum (formerly STRADA) have been asked to work in collaboration with Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADPs) across Forth Valley in order to establish a ‘blueprint’ for local workforce development outcomes and indicators. The aim of the project is to identify locally relevant outcomes and indicators for the alcohol and drugs workforce that correspond with the Scottish Government’s set of core national outcomes for ADPs. This project will enable ADPs in the area to develop workforce development strategies that are closely linked to their plans, and will also support the development of local indicators which will allow for the measurement of progress against these strategies.

Current Training Opportunities – 2019/2020

Scottish Drugs Forum  Click on the dates for booking and learning outcomes.

ROSC: Unlocking recovery in Forth Valley – This 2 day learning and development opportunity has been designed in collaboration with Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership. The event is targeted at practitioners delivering services in Forth Valley whose role involves supporting the long-term recovery of people directly and indirectly affected by problematic alcohol and other drug use.
New dates to be confirmed.

New Psychoactive Substances – The course aims to provide participants with up-to-date information about the latest trends.
New dates to be confirmed.

Understanding Stigma: Promoting inclusive attitudes and practice.- This one day training will give participants a distinct set of knowledge and skills to help them understand and address alcohol and drug-related stigma.
New dates to be confirmed.

Older and Wiser Working with people who use substances as they age – This course explores the health needs of an ageing cohort who use alcohol and drugs.  It is aimed primarily at frontline staff and managers and is also relevant to services that support people who use substances, such as housing and homelessness services.
New dates to be confirmed.

Drug Awareness – The training aims to increase workers’ drug awareness knowledge and provide an opportunity to explore current and emerging trends with substance use.
24th January 2019

Introduction to Trauma and Working with People who use Substances – This training will introduce the theory of trauma and will enable participants to identify and implement practical strategies to appropriately support service users who may experience trauma.
21st February 2019

Children and Families Affected by Parental Substance Misuse – This two day course seeks to develop the knowledge and skills of workers in contact with children and families affected by problem drug and alcohol misuse. This includes health visitors, teachers, substance misuse workers and social workers, including criminal justice workers.
no dates available as yet.

Understanding and Supporting People with Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) – A one day learning and development opportunity for staff seeking to improve their understanding of ARBD and to develop strategies to better work with those affected
no date available yet

Essential Skills – This 2 day course aims to allow health workers, youth workers, drug workers and other professionals to effectively respond to, treat, support and engage with people who use drugs and alcohol.  It would be particularly helpful to those who are not specialist drug or alcohol workers, or are ne to the substance use field.
Staying Alive – Preventing Drug-related Deaths- the course is aimed primarily at frontline staff and managers, however it is also relevant to services which support people who use substances, such as housing and homelessness services.

Health Promotion Forth Valley training : Training courses covering a range of topics including drug and alcohol sessions are available locally through the NHS Health Promotion Service.

Getting Our Priorities Right
25th March 2019
Scottish Government updated good practice guidance for all agencies and practitioners working with children, young people and families affected by problematic alcohol and/or drug use Forth Valley GOPR Guidelines_2016

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